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powerizing waste


a zero waste future that's

ultra clean, highly efficient

and carbon neutral

Building on an innovative waste to energy process, CurrentEnergySM maximizes the value of processed waste to create clean, high efficient and scalable advanced energy. Combining Gasplasma®

and solid oxide fuel cells, CurrentEnergySM powerizes waste in a way that differs from other gasification or synthesis gas processes by creating an output of ultra clean syngas that's highly calorific for fuel cells to convert into clean electricity.


powerizing waste

Using well proven technologies in an innovative two stage configuration, CurrentEnergySM powerizes residential/industrial

waste through the Gasplasma process converting the feedstock into energy rich synthesis gas. Syngas is the clean fuel source for the highly efficient fuel cells that produce electricity with the only byproduct being heat, water and negligible emissions.


Removal of valuable recyclables
Unique two-stage
gasification and plasma
conversion process
Conversion to:
1. high quality
energy-rich syngas
2. non-leaching
vitrified slag
Used to:
1. power fuel
cell technology 
2. as an additive in
construction materials


  • Non Incineration

  • Negligible Emissions

  • Local Solution

  • Efficiency from Source to Output

  • Low Environmental Impact

  • Hardened Power Generation Sites

  • Scalable and Portable Energy Source

  • Fast Deployment

advantages results


  • Maximum Landfill Diversion

  • Reduction of Landfills

  • Carbon Neutral

  • Insuring Future Years’ Energy Supply

  • Environmental Reclamation

  • Vitrified Slag used in Construction

  • Power Where it's Needed

  • Job Creation


With an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to reducing carbon footprint and preserving precious environmental resources, the CurrentEnergySM team is comprised of highly credentialed industry leaders, scientists, engineers and academics who are specialists in waste management, waste to energy solutions and fuel cell technology that produces ultra clean electricity.



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